2. WordPress Dashboard

Now that you have an account set up I can officially say: welcome to WordPress!

In this mini lesson we will get oriented to the WordPress Dashboard admin interface where you create and control everything for your website.


Navigate to WordPress.com and login if you aren’t there already.

You should see a screen that looks something like:


The bar at the top of the screen is your WordPress Admin bar. This gives you quick access to the features of WordPress while you navigate around the domain. You will see slightly different versions of it across all properties hosted by WordPress.com.

By default, it opens in Reader view. This is a sort of social media stream of WordPress.com blogs and websites you follow. You can search, browse, and keep track of your likes. It is a good place to keep up-to-date with blogs or discover new things. If you actively comment and like others, your popularity will also go up! This is an interactive community if you want it to be… if not, ignore the Reader view.

My Site Dashboard

To get started creating your blog, click the “My Site” button on the left site of the Admin Bar. This will get you to the site Dashboard interface, that looks something like this:


The Dashboard Menu on the left site provides access to everything you need to build your new website. The default view is your statistics, which won’t be very high at this point!

Site Title & Tagline

Lets give your new site a name. Click “Settings” on the Dashboard Menu.


In Settings > General tab, you can change the Site Title and Site Tagline. These values are displayed on your site following the template set up by your theme. The title does not have to be related to your web address! The Tagline is a very short description or motto that usually gets displayed as a sub-text to the title. It is not required, but is a very common convention in web design.

Once you decide on a Title and Tagline, click “Save Settings”.

Changes you save in the Dashboard effect your live site immediately. Check what your live site looks like by clicking the site name at the top of the Dashboard menu.

Next up, let’s customize the Theme!


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