7. Next Steps

Well, you did it. You learned all the basic functions necessary to create a WordPress site. You are a web master now. There is still plenty to learn of course!

Content & Presentation

As you move forward, think about how you organize and present content on the site. Web media is different than other forms of writing. Check out lots of other blogs and sites to judge what works and what you like. Typically your language and word choice will be less formal, passages are usually in shorter chunks with headers highlighting changes in topic or important points. Since users often don’t scroll down, ensure your most important points or summaries appear near the top of a page. Carefully design navigation and browsing tools so users can discover your content and move meaningfully through it. Think about how hyperlinks and rich media change the reading experience.

As we have seen, WordPress is easy to customize. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your site! Change themes, tweak parameters, and repeat until you are happy.

Extra Credit: Menus

Now that you have a few demo posts, head back to the Themes menu and try out some changes. Explore your theme’s options for Menus which can add powerful functionality to your site. Create a menu that helps highlight your content or adds a new method for navigation on the site.




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